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Goal Setting Principles to Live By – Blog

What big dream are you hoping to achieve? We all have ideas on how to improve our lives in some way, but not everyone is willing to take the steps to make those a reality. It often takes sacrifice and sincere commitment to reach the goals you’ve had in mind.

In the early 1900s, a man named Napoleon Hill set out to discover the keys to success. What better way to do so than by interviewing the wealthiest man of the time? Hill famously sat down to interview business mogul Andrew Carnegie and wrote down his top advice for reaching new heights in all aspects of life. Whether you are searching for financial, spiritual, emotional, mental, social, physical, or relationship growth, these guiding principles can help you exceed even your wildest expectations.

 Step# 1: You must have a specific goal

Step# 2: You must have a specific time frame in which to achieve your goals

Step# 3: You must write down your goals

Step# 4: You must develop a plan to achieve your goals

Step# 5: You must decide the price you are willing to pay

Step# 6: You must think about reaching your goals every day.

Big ideas are only as powerful as the dedication you must have to see them through. Each day is a new opportunity to do just that, and these Goal Setting Principles can help you get there. Try out these tried-and-true principles today and see how incredibly impactful they can be for your own growth journey!