With goals we create our destiny

Famous Study Shows:

That 27% of Americans have given no thought of the future.  They've given no thought at all.

About 60% of Americans have given some thought.  Usually it's only in the area of finances.  They have only given financial planning thought.  They don't think about any other area of their life.

Only 10% of Americans have ever given serious thought of their future. 

And only 3% of all Americans have a plan, written down with goals.


They went back and they studied these four groups and they discovered this:

Almost all of the people who had no thought for the future were on welfare.

Most of the 60% who had given some thought of the future were barely making it.  

All of the 10% who had given serious thought of the future were what you call successful.

Those with written goals were highly successful.  They were the top achievers in the nation.  Those who had written down goals and have plans were out achieving all the others ten to one.  


They did the study between the ten percent who had given serious thought and the top three percent who had actually written down goals and have a plan.  They tested the successful and highly successful and they discovered that there were no measurable difference in their education and talents.  The only difference between successful and the highly successful was that the top three percent had written down a life plan, had written down goals.  They have written down a road map of moving toward their destiny.