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Adjustable Double Strap Knee Pain Relief and stabilizer

How Does the Dual Patella Knee Brace Works? The dual knee strap serves users with different pressure demands, boost the overall stability of the knee and improve patella tracking by applying pressure upper and below the kneecap or at the sides, reducing patella stress and preventing patellar tendinitis and decrease the risk of injury. Comfortable and Stronger Support Carefully designed and made of unique latex material, the knee strap is soft and breathable, fits the skin perfectly during exercise, and provides more comfortable support for the knee. It's your ideal choice for support to reduce pain during movement to keep you doing what you love to do! Two Slots to Adjust Tightness You can adjust it top and bottom to find the perfect fit for your knee! One Size Fits Most You can share this great product with your loved ones or friends. Perfect gift for someone you knew who needs this without asking them their sizes, it would be a lovely surprise! It can be worn on the right or left knee, directly on the skin, or over leggings, pants, compression knee sleeves. Dual patella knee brace fits 9'' - 12'' knee (measure above the center of the knee cap) Built for Every Occasion Our knee brace can relieve your pain effectively, speeding up recovery, reducing inflammation, promoting circulation and help your injured knee without limiting yourself from doing your usual activities.

It can also provide you strong support in various sports. If you are keen on running, walking, hiking, yoga, gymnastics, squats, tennis, volleyball, skiing, golf, gym workouts, cycling or any other kinds of sports, this one is for you! Knee Protector : 2 slots for better fastening, no need to worry about slip out of place. Made with high-quality light and soft neoprene and double strong resilient rubber tube, helping to support and secure the patella, as well as improve shock absorption, compressive strength, and impact resistance. It is breathable, non-irritating and sweat-absorbent.

High-quality Fabric : Breathable, Soft, Durable - Externally, uses Unique perforated and porous Lycra fabric, super breathable. Internally, uses ultra-soft and lightweight perspiration fabric, and refuses to sultry. Even in hot summer, it can provide you with comfortable and breathable protection. Comfortable for Wearing: Made of high-quality antibacterial breathable Neoprene. More soft and comfortable offers uniform compression and perfect relief of patellar pressure. Contoured shape and adjustable flexible comfort straps offer a personalized fit. Moisture wicking and breathability will keep you comfortable.

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