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Insulated Winter Shoes for Dogs

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Like us humans, there's no use in having cute shoes if they're not comfortable to wear. The same goes for our dogs, too.

Each sole is lined with soft material for comfort, along with anti-skid dots to prevent them from slipping on smooth surfaces.

In case you get caught in the rain—don't worry! The soles are also waterproof to keep your dogs' paws clean and dry.

Easy to Wear Tying your own shoelaces are already a hassle. Imagine if you have to do that FOUR TIMES on your dog's paws!

Our quick fix? We made the shoes simple and easy to wear. Just slide the paw in and push the black buckles to tighten the fit and secures the paw in place. It's just like closing up a drawstring bag.

Removing them is very simple as well. Squeeze the buckle to unlock and pull to loosen the boot. You can then pop off the paw as easy as that!

Why These Boots Are Your Pooch's New Best Friends Soft Soles - To make them comfy to wear Anti-skid Dots - Prevents slipping from tiles, hardwood, etc. Waterproof - Keeps paws dry under wet conditions Easy to Wear - Takes away the hassle of wearing your dog's shoes Fleece Inner Lining - Provides extra comfort for paws Travel-Friendly - Compact and easy to put in your bag Different Sizes & Colors - Fits most paws and can match their outfits

Fluffy Inner Material These may be comfortable and cute on the outside, but are they the same on the inside? The answer is yes!

Thanks to the fluffy inner wool lining on each boot, not only will your dog's paws be extra comfy but they'll feel warm as well.


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