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Car Jump Starter Device

1.1 Precision Reproduction, Creative Car Modeling

Suitable for 12V gasoline vehicles with displacement of less than 4L and 12V diesel vehicles with displacement of less than 2.5L Operation guide:1.Connect the smart clip to the EC5 interface of the startup power supply 2.Clamp the positive and negative anodes of the smart ignition clip onto the car battery respectively(Red:+.Black:-) 3.Start the car, and immediately remove the start-up power supply after the car starts Multi-mode, Emergency Lighting Long-press to start the lighting, multiple modes are available, which can be switched freely as required Upgraded Battery Pack for Stronger Performance Upgraded 4-series battery packs, more than 2 times stronger than traditional 3-series starting performance.8000mAh power capacity, the crown 3.0L naturally car can be started more that 4 times when fully charged Annular Charging Indicator Light, Clear Battery Level at a Glance Easy startup even under low temperature of -40℃. Power Supply of 5V/2.4A,it can as a power bank for electronic product. 4 indicators, one indicator indicates 25% of the power, Two indicates 50%, three indicates 75%, and four indicates 100%. It offers the best performance when it is fully charged or above 50%

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