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Claim The Promises Of God And Prepare For A Miracle Book

AMAZINGLY! There are over 7,000 promises in the Bible ready to be claimed.  God's promises are like a divine insurance policy.  When you know what's covered in an insurance policy, you don't worry when the unexpected happens in your life. You keep your calm and you relax because you know all is well.  God is a promise-making, and a promises-keeping God. 
You need to to become a promise person.  What's a promise person?  One who knows and claims the promises of God.  If you can't claim them, they're like checks that have been sent to your mailbox.  They're piling up and you can't claim them because you don't know they're there.  You worry when you don't know what's covered in the owner's manual. 

WONDERFULLY! There are promises of peace, success, healing, protection, health, wisdom, prosperity, power, faith, hope, confidence, victory, forgiveness, and many more.  These 365 promises:  One bible verse of the day is a life changing and MUST READ for anyone who wants to catapult and elevate their LIFE to new level. At last, get this book and discover how to do better, become more, and live a life that excites and inspires you as you learn and start to claim the amazing promises of God.

MARVELOUSLY! This new, Claim The Promises Of God Book is a blueprint for Christian living in the 21st century, and makes a great addition to home libraries or a gift to others.



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