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Magnetic Wireless Charger


1. Customized ultra-thin magnetic wireless fast charging for iP12

2. The magnetic wireless charging is automatically absorbed and precisely aligned, making the charging efficiency faster

3. Support 5W/7.5W/10W/15W multiple modes of charging, smart fast charging will not damage the machine

4. PC+ABS fireproof material, ultra-thin wireless fast charging with a thickness of only 6mm, light and easy to carry

5. With 1 meter cable, you can move freely when charging, and play at any angle without restriction


Model: JR-A28

Name: 15W ultra-thin magnetic wireless charger

Color:white/black/ blue

Material: PC+ABS fireproof material

Product input: 5V/2.4A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A

Product power: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W

Product size: 60*6mm

Packing size: 124*85*23mm

Product net weight: 31g

Product gross weight: 68g

Accessories: 1*wireless charger/1*data cable 1m/1*instructions/1*warranty card

Note 1

If Want to Charge and keep the Magnetic force is very strong with Phone Case,please buy the Magectic Phone Case Together, The effect would be better if using at same time

Note 2

Only iPhone 12 Series Mobile Phone Can Surpport Automatic Magnetic

Other Phone Only Surport Fast Wireless Charging

Package Included

*1PC Wireless Charger

*1PC 1M PD Type C to Type C Charging Cable

*1PC Customized Package Box

*1PC instructions

*1PC warranty card

Warming Tips

Type C to Type C Cable Charges Much Faster

Suggest Everyone Use PD Charger

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