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Multi Card Reader USB


Economical option as latest features combined ie. OTG feature and SD SDHC Card reader The standard USB 2.0 plug (type A) and micro USB plug (type B) combination, making the card reader compatible with all tablets and Android smart phones that support OTG function. Compact card reader for all standard SDHC/SDXC and micro SD/micro SDHC/micro SDXC. ****Does NOT support memory cards over 64GB because of limited current provided by a mobile device.


Our Mobile Friendly SD Card Reader utilizes OTG (On-The-Go) technology to connect to your mobile device. Below is a partial list of compatible devices. Don't see your device? Just download an "OTG Checker" app and it will tell you if your device is OTG compatible. PRODUCT DETAILS: FOR ANDROID DEVICES ONLY.

Slots for SD and Micro SD cards Micro USB (Connects to older Android devices) Type-C (Connects to newer Android devices) USB 2.0 (Connects to computers, TVs, and other devices) Not compatible with iPhones, iPads, or Kindle Fires NO SD CARD INCLUDED. INSTRUCTIONS:

Step 1: Insert a SD Card into the Easy Cards Reader. Step 2: Lift the large USB connection to reveal the hidden Micro USB connection. Step 3: Insert the Easy Cards Reader into your phone’s charging port. Step 4: Copy and paste files from your phone to the Easy Cards Reader or from the Easy Cards Reader to your phone using a File Manager app already installed on your phone.

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