The SUPERNOVA provides the energy needed to power anyone through their day, whether that's working on the go or traveling. The is a portable backup power pack especially designed for smartphones and other portable electronics. Enclosed in a smooth finish and stylishly protective aluminium shell, this external battery has been manufactured with Juno Power's latest design.

Unlike competing external batteries, this surface is crafted out of aluminum in three exclusive tints specially designed to suit smartphones. The SUPERNOVA is construct with a TI (Texas Instrument) chipset and Panasonic Polymer cells giving the battery superior efficiency. 


Along with all its powerful features, the SUPERNOVA is compact, as it easily fits into almost any purse, pocket and hang bag. This makes the device perfect for long flights, road trips, any emergencies life may hand you, or just for day to day use.


SUPERNOVA is a powerful battery, it can be used on smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, cameras, and any other micro USB- compatible devices. Weighting at 9.5 oz., dual USB output and equip with 13,000mAh, you'll never need to fight with anyone for a AC wall outlet to charge your USB devices.


Package includes:

- N1300 Charger

- Micro USB Cable

- User Manual


  • SUPERNOVA Specifications

  • Compatibility

Stay Charged on the Go. Example Extended Talk Time with the NOVA BLOX N400* 

*hours are estimated and actual hours may vary based on phone usage



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