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Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick

make outstanding shots with your phone or GoPro Today!

Be ready for a Revolution of photo and video. With Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick® every place is best suited to capture your life. Whether you are a traveler, athlete or blogger – this selfie stick is a game changer! Bluetooth Remote Control!

From now on a Bluetooth remote is included as standard in the packaging of our product. This way you will be able to take photos or videos with your phone even from greater distances. Compatible with...

The Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick® is characterized by its lightness and flexibility. It can be used wonderfully as travel mono pod and can be fixed to nearly any surface, material and object.

Comes with attachments for smartphones and GoPro Weights only: 120 gram & length: 42 cm 360 degree flexible and bendable Bluetooth remote included.

Universal use During the development of the Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick® it was important to us to provide an all-in-one solution. A gadget for all your devices. Whether Smartphone, GoPro or mini digital camera. All important attachments are included in the scope of delivery of the Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick® and can easily be unscrewed from the 1/4ʺ thread 1/4ʺ thread and changed. 360 Flexible & Bendable

The non-slip hard rubber provides a perfect grip on all surfaces and objects. The flexible goose neck can be easily bent, shaped & wrapped in seconds to any objects you desire. The monopod head, on the other hand, is absolutely robust and provides a stable hold. The mobile phone or camera will always remain in their position and will not shake. 100% Steady

The Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick® holds on to all substrates, surfaces and materials despite its maximum flexibility. Due to its flexibility, it adapts optimally to all objects and "clings" to them. Smooth photos & videos are guaranteed. EFFORTLESSLY EASY! Adjust your monopod to every situation. Outdoor

A lightweight and flexible monopod for on the go? For fantastic shots in the best quality. The Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick® is the Selfie Stick that fits in every pocket and backpack and is ready for use in seconds. No matter when, no matter where - the Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick® provides a stable hold and smooth shots! Even on objects where a Gorilla pod or tripod fails. Sport

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