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WiFi Repeater / Extender


1. With 2* 2dbi external antenna, Omnidirectional radiation wifi signal 2. New software program, setting steps are more convenient and faster 3. The use of new environmentally friendly materials to protect the environment, while reducing the weight of the product, more convenient to carry business trips, tourism and other activities.


Q1. Can't connect to internet after finished setting ? A1. Please check whether you enter the same password as your router, and check is there any special characters in it, such as ~!@#$%^&*(). If yes, please change your router password. Repeater can not identify special characters. Q2. How to reset the repeater ? A2. Please long press the reset button for 10 seconds under powered. ( NOT WPS button, the reset button is at the side) Note There are 2 versions repeater for you to choose, 5G version and 2.4G version.Only 5G version support WPS function. Please check your choices carefully before you place an order.

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